Indigo2Go is a a service provided by Indigo Clothing for small order quantities. For orders of more than 20 garments then you need Indigo Clothing's screen printing service to provide you with the best quality garment prints available.

We at Indigo know that large orders can be a stressful affair and DIY t-shirt design sites can compromise on quality and customer service, which is why we use SCREEN PRINTING:

Why Screen Printing?

  • Ideal for maintaining quality of large designs
  • Prints easily onto cotton
  • Reproduces colour vibrantly
  • Ensures durability of design and not faded by washes

screen printed t-shirt

We not only do t-shirt printing but custom clothing of any sort including hoodies, polo shirts and sweats. Indigo Clothing has produced printing for large clients such as PwC, River Island and the British Army because:

  • We use the high quality screen printing process
  • We have an extensive catalogue with a wide range of colours
  • We deliver on time with a rapid service
  • We have extensive experience in dealing with large bulk orders
  • We keep low prices due to low overheads and a website store
  • We have the friendliest customer service team in the business

With a fast turnaround for bulk orders and ability to produce quality garments in large volumes Indigo Clothing is the ideal choice for your custom clothing.

Indigo Clothing ensures that the bulk order you make will be at the lowest price with the highest quality garments. What's not to like?

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Indigo2Go is a service for small order quantities. For bulk or volume orders go to our main site, Indigo Clothing, where we offer transparent pricing, top quality print techniques and dedicated customer service.

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